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The Virtues of Joy, More Virtues of Joy, Joycelyn Wells compilation of short stories

The Series (1 & 2).

The Virtues of Joy & More Virtues of Joy

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The Virtues of Joy, Joycelyn Wells compilation of short stories

The Virtues of Joy

compilation of short stories

Experience Joy through life changing, free-spirited adventures in living and loving.   

Free download - Generosity


More Virtues of Joy, Joycelyn Wells compilation of short stories

More Virtues of Joy (Book 2)

compilation of short stories

Well, Joy is back. Aren't you the least bit curious to find out who joins her in these pleasure seeking expeditions?   

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A little something about Joycelyn...

As a writer and, as well as, founder of SHAPE: Self, Health and Personal Empowerment, she has decided to delve into her life for inspiration to help others in personal growth and healing. Her gifts of living and loving are referenced as a treasure trove of experiences, ideas and motivation. While her unique ability to open her life to others has credited her with being a trusted confidant. Serving as an educator for several years, naturally, her words are offered as guidance and reassurance. Her unique ability to meet people where they are allows her to provide whatever is needed without sacrificing her own positive sense being. 

my SHAPE Self, Health and Personal Empowerment Joycelyn Wells Youtube
mySHAPE with Joycelyn Love. Ha

Self, Health &...

WELCOME to SHAPE with Joycelyn on YouTube! Together we will embark on a journey of discovery and exploration of Self, Health, and Personal Empowerment. We will experience emotional highs and lows to include tears of pain and joy. We will unpack some heavy baggage that has held us in place for far too long. We will unveil new perspectives on our 'old selves'. Ultimately, the goal is to live free as we amble along our path to being of purpose. Please join me... It's so worth it besides I need some company.   


Personal Empowerment...

Through words of honesty and acceptance of your life decisions and lessons learned. Want to empower yourself and others with your life counseling? Tell your story.

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