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Tiffany Mitchell was born on October 26, 1985 in Summerville, New Jersey.

Tiffany has faced many challenges in life such as losing her mother and father at a very young age. Growing up as a middle child Tiffany fought to find her place. Raised in a middle/ lower class neighborhood filled with crime and drugs she found positive outlets which helped keep her off the streets. Such as youth programs, dance groups, teaching or doing hair. Tiffany has always used writing as a positive way to express her thoughts and feelings. Tiffany graduated Plainfield high School in 2004. She also attended The River Bible Institute where she graduated with honors obtaining her bachelor’s degree in theology. Tiffany Continues to use her faith to make it through the storms she has had to endure. Her writings are inspired by her faith and real-life events. 

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FaceBook: @shesunmoved

InstaGram : @shesunmoved

Tiffany Mitchell | One minute w/Joycelyn Wells

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