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(from Generosity, The Virtues of Joy

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From the author, Joycelyn Wells, The Virtues of Joy, a short story of erotica from The Virtues books series. 

Generosity ~ the quality of being kind, understanding and not selfish

Allow Joy to capture your mind and spirit as you read the virtue of Generosity for FREE! It's sexy, fun, empowering and, oh so, delicious! Enjoy... 

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The Virtues of Joy w/autograph


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Joy is an amazingly sexy free spirit. Her ability to laugh at her own damn self and “not sweat the small stuff” attitude makes her exploits most enjoyable. She is ruled by a busy brain and a desire to enjoy life. In each story, she attempts to remain true to herself and her virtues as her thoughts and desires take center stage. Experience The Virtues of Joy… 

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Well, yes! Joy is back, sharing in her free-spirited adventures of living and loving. While she may not have it all figured out, she's definitely trying to draw goodness out of every interaction.  Her ability to walk fearlessly into and effortlessly out of situations makes us all yearn to walk in her shoes. She continues to remain true to herself and her virtues as she shares her experiences in... more virtues of Joy. 

The Virtues of Joy Series w/autograph


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Includes both books. 

Gushings & Acclamations


 "This is a great offering of one's innermost feelings developed over a portion of their life's journey! The author shares some very scintillating moments in the context of the regular human experience. She captures in words what so many people are never able to express in any format.She seems to say through her platform, this is just who I am and I am comfortable with it and I hope to allow you to personally reexamine yourself so that where ever your journey leads you , you too can find your voice and be as comfortable, strong and beautiful within its expression as the author has revealed to us and appreciate that station of life. Not only that ,but to value of each of life's situation as a possibility, an adventure , the next opportunity to live this thing called life, is truly a genuine quality of the author. It is amazing what (through this first rendering) we are made aware of, and given the privilege and the unction to enjoy! Uplifting, exciting, endearing, connecting,real, talent revealing, a bright new voice with seasoning, a true demonstration of courage and wisdom! Yeah, I guess you could say that I believe it is a great read and I really loved it! Continue expressing, teaching and revealing Joy!"   


 "Awesome stories! I was mad when I got to the end!! Left me wanting more and more!... My favorite virtue...PATIENCE! The sweetest virtue... LOVE! Congratulations!"   


 "There has to be a stronger word than love. Whatever that is, that is what I feel right now. Oh my goodness! You are creating a joy junkie!"   

Mina Smith, Author

" OMGee! Joy has several freaky bones inside of her. LOL… The book, Shades of Grey has nothing on your virtues, believe that... Not that it is unbelievable, but Joy was having way too much fun, Woman, and I do mean fun. I see why her name is Joy. LOL… Either way, the eroticism within your writing shows merriment for you, and at the same time, I wish I was bold enough to add a little more steam to some of my stories on paper. Amazingly, I could imagine everything happening while I was reading the spiciness of every virtue, and every chapter ended well. Then it was on to the next."    

Amazon Customer

 “This witty and delightful series of short stories takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and life lessons that are not to be missed! Illuminating the path of self-awareness and living in the moment the author encourages reflection and personal development for the reader in this incredible compilation of takes! A complex text that invites a second, third and fourth read to gather all the levels of lessons to be learned! Grab this book and get ready to take a journey!"