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'Two-minutes tops' about SHAPE Publishing from Joycelyn Wells, CEO. 

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Erica Cutts

Erica Cutts, Dear Me, SHAPE Publishing, Joycelyn Wells, Author

The newest author to the SHAPE Family. 

Our Authors

Steven L. Brown

Steven L Brown Bottom of the map West Palm Beach Miami incarceration Pussy Real good Urban writer

Steven, a brilliant, beautiful man and mind. Openly he expresses his ideas of mayhem, destruction and passion. Possibly, because it's what he knows first hand. Come through... the world is waiting. XOXO        

Rechi Butler

Rechi Butler From Church to state Get it straight foundation

The man will never be as big as the voice. Rechi is a man of the streets. He is never afraid to share his knowledge with those around him. Thank you Rechi for promising to Get It Straight. XOXO        

David Ciceron

David Ciceron Aarow Spell poetry poet

I'm learning David through his writings. He is passionate with an in depth knowledge of those people and things around him. He speaks from his heart which seems to house his mind. XOXO        

Tiffany Mitchell

Tiffany Mitchell She's Unmoved Somerville, NJ Author Inspirational

Tiffany has accepted her freedom. She has been released from those things which bound her and kept her spinning in place. But right now, She's Unmoved... XOXO

Krystal "Gypsy" Orellano

Krystall Orellano, Gypsy, The Evolution of Poetry, SHAPE Publishing, Quench

Gypsy has presented herself to the world. Literally, publishing works from the US to China. Her attained level of self-awareness is not for the meek or the scary! She is a cornucopia of brilliance. XOXO        

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Joycelyn Wells, Lake Mirror, Author, The Virtues of Joy, CEO, SHAPE Publishing

And, well, I am Joycelyn. My gift is to find the best and provide a platform for their awesomeness. I, too, am an author. Welcome to SHAPE Publishing. XOXO 

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